Mu Agartha Philippines

Mu Agartha

Mu Philippines by MUE Dev is a rebirth of old Mu Online non-rebirth players from mobius PH. We offer a new and faster method compared to mobius module that gives gamer’s a cheaper but more filled experienced in the game. Our mission is to gather all old Mu online gamers that have left over the years and as well as those who have left the game unwillingly. It is our mission to provide the perfect emulated gaming environment focusing on the Philippine community. Mu Online is a hack and slash game that offers over 500,000 unique items. Mu Agartha server has released the new Rage Fighter and Summoner, along with all new Master Level access, Season 7 items, skills and wings.

The joy of this emulator of Mu Philippines is the faster leveling experience of their Master Level class.

Mu Online Philippines Agartha Server

Mu Agartha has (3) Realms

1.) Season 2 Classic
2.) Season 6 Episode 3 Rebirth
2.) Season 8

Start-up Guide for new players

Pwede kayo mag register ng isang account at maaari mo ito magamit or malaro sa Season 2, Season 6 at Season 8.

1.) Click here to Sign-up for a new account
2.) Click here and Follow Download and Install Guide

Check Server Info and Rate below

Season 2 Classic

Rebirth: None
Exp. Rate: 25%
Drop Rate: 50%
Max Level: 400
Max Classes Available – Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord
Jewel Success Rate: Normal
Excellent Drop Rate from BOK: 25%
Excellent Drop Rate from Non-Boss Monsters: 0.3%
Excellent Drop Rate from Boss Monsters: 5%
Jewel of Harmony System: Available
Max Item Level: +13
Max Level for Elf Soldier Buffer Support: 180
Market Server – Server 6 (Lorencia – Zeny and Devias – eCoins)
Castle Siege Event: Friday 8 PM
and many more exciting features.

Season 6 Episode 3 Rebirth

Experience: x50
Drop: 35%
Rebirth: Once only
Market server: (Lorencia – eCoin and Devias – Zeny)
and many more exciting features.

Season 8

Module: Season 8 with updated features and modules by MUE Dev.
Exp: x10
Drop: 15%
No Reset (Non rebirth)

*Custom Features and Events (Season 6 and 8):
Duel Master Event (with cash prize)
Gen War (V gens vs D gens)
Party Duel with betting system (jewel of bless)
Solo Duel (1 vs 1) with betting system (jewel of bless)
Golden Fenrir CS trophy enabled
OTP or One Time Password for account safety
Loyalty Points and Referral System
Loren Market (buy and sell items using eCoins to/from other players)
Account Lock Keys
Lucky Set

*Custom 380 Socket System (drop rate of x/10,000 )
Socket Slot Count Rate 1 = 9000/10,000
Socket Slot Count Rate 2 = 240/10,000
Socket Slot Count Rate 3 = 60/10,000
Socket Slot Count Rate 4 = 3/10,000
Socket Slot Count Rate 5 = 1/10,000
and many more exciting features.

Play the Biggest Mu Online Game in Philippines. With over 5000 players online, Season 8 & Season 6 Realm. Play Now!