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Mu Philippines by MUE is a rebirth of a community of old Mu Online non-rebirth players from mobius. We offer a new and faster method compared to mobius module that gives gamers a cheaper but more filled experience in the game. Our mission is to gather all old Mu Gamers that have left over the years, and as well as those who have left the game unwillingly. It is our mission to provide the perfect emulated gaming environment focusing on the Philippine community.

Mu online is a hack and slash game that offers over 500,000 unique items. This server has released the new Rage Fighter and Summoner, along with all new Master Level access, MU EX700 New Items, EX700 New Skills and Levels.

The joy of this emulator of Mu Philippines is the faster leveling experience of their Master Level class. Our module to reward players their Points/eCoins is now easier and more accessible due to our affiliation with: MLhuillier, Cebuana, LBC, Palawan Express, Western Union ,Globe Gcash, Smart Money, Smart Padala, Transfast, Express Money. Local and International Remit are all accepted. UAE, Canada, Dubai, Korea, Qatar, Japan, Middle East, Taiwan and other countries. Dollars and peso accepted.

MU Agartha EX702 Updates

Ex700 UI Improvement


HP, Element, Monster Name


Pentagram and Elements


Cursed Wing


Ex700 Items


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