1st and 2nd Quest Guide

1st and 2nd Quest Guide

1st Part of the Quest (Priestess Sebina): Once you have reached level 150, go to the Priestess Sebina in Devias to hear the story of the ‘Scroll of Emperor’. You will need to offer a token of 1 Million Zen for the Priestess’s story. The ‘Scroll of Emperor’, which tells of Muren, the first emperor to unify MU, is said to have been seen around the Lost Tower, Atlans, and the Dungeon. Legends have been told of the Scroll being enveloped by a great power and whoever reads from the scroll shall be able to wield this power. Once you find the Scroll, go to the Priestess who will aid you in unlocking the Scroll’s power.

Scroll of Emperor

The Scroll of Emperor Drops in Lost Tower 1

Scroll of Emperor


Talk to Priestess Sevina
* Need at least 2-5mil zen
* After talking to the NPC:

Each time of character class need their own particular items to find;

Dark Knight = Broken Sword
Dark Wizard = Soul of Wizard
Fairy Elf = Tear of Elf
Summoner = Churchill’s Eyes

This items may drop in Lost Tower 6 and Tarkan 1

Broken Sword  Soul of Wizard  Tear of Elf

Once you have found the item, go straight back to Priestess Sevina to complete your first character advancement quest.

Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the item requested and will upgrade your class as follows:

Dark Knight -> Blade Knight
Dark Wizard -> Soul Master
Fairy Elf -> Muse Elf
Summoner -> Bloody Summoner

Ability to Master New Skills

Blade Knight Skills: Death Stab, Greater Fortitude, Hell Blast
Soul Master Skills: Teleport Other, Soul Barrier, Ice Storm, Decay, Wizardry Enhance, nova
Muse Elf Skills: Ice Arrow, Penetration, Infinity Arrow, Multishots
Bloody Summoner Skills: Berserker Skill, Innovation, Weakness, Night


2nd Part of the Quest (Marlon)


The next advancement you need to complete is the Hero Status Quest with NPC Marlon. The 2nd advancement have a 3 part quest in which only Dark Knight have to complete. where as other classes just need to complete 2 part of this quest.

Here are the 3  spots where you can find Marlon.

Devias – (Coor. 199, 47)
Lorencia – (Coor. 137, 86)
Atlans – (Coor. 18, 24)
Noria – (Coor. 170, 88)

Characters that allow to take the Quest: Need to be at least level 220 – 300

Blade Knight
Soul Master
Muse Elf
Bloody Summoner

1st part of quest – The story:

Need 2-10 mil zen available to partake the hero story quest

2nd part of quest – Find Ring of Glory / Honor: This can be found from killing monsters in Losttower 7 and Tarkan 1.

ring of honor

4. Upon finding the Ring of Glory / Honor:

Character must return the item to NPC Marlon in order to complete the Hero Status Quest: 2nd Advancement.

Award: Marlon will award 3-5 stats point in completing the quest if you complete the quest in 1 level


3rd Quest for Marlon: The Combo Quest exclusive for Blade Knight only.

Dark Stone

This is the 3rd part of the Hero Status advancement especially build for Blade Knights, in order to learn the combo ability in which are additional skills for Blade Knights.


1. Upon completing the 1st and 2nd part of Marlon quest, Blade Knight must then:

* Talk to NPC Marlon
Need 3,000,000 zen

* Find Dark Stone
– can be found / drop from monsters available in Tarkan map or sometimes are sold in Lorencia NPCs.
2. Upon returning the Dark Stone to Marlon.
* Return to NPC Marlon

* Give him the Dark Stone

3. Blade Knight will fully be marked as Heroes of Mu Online Continent and awarded with the COMBO skills, in order to defense and damage against enemies.


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