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Mu Ex700 UI Improvement


Credits to Webzen. Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Screen UI change

1) Display of character name
– Character name will be displayed in a new way.
– Your or others’ names can be turned on or off. (All character name display On/Off)
a. All character name display On : Displays the names of all the characters
within the screen.
b. All character name display Off : Displays only the name of the character selected
by mouse.

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement


Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

2) Change of (Dialog bubble / Heading function / Display of personal store)
– Character’s dialog bubble has been changed.
– Tag function has been added to the chat window.
– Dialog bubble displays the name of the talking character.
– Display of individual shop has changed.

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

3) Monster information
– The display of the monsters’ information has been changed.
– The monsters’ name, HP, and element are displayed.
– You can change display options of monsters information.
a. Monster information display On : Displays the information of all the monsters
in the screen.
b. Monster information display Off : Displays the information of the monsters selected
by mouse.

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Pentagram Information window

1) Element table is added to the pentagram information window.
– The element table has been added to the pentagram information window.
– Displays the stronger and the weaker elements based on the character’s current
pentagram element.
– ‘Non-elemental’ status will be displayed when not wearing a pentagram item.
– All the elements will be displayed as “maximum contrary element” when you are in
‘non-elemental’ status.
– You can check by clicking the “pentagram information window” tap.
– You can check the applied stats through Errtel equipped with pentagram items.
* Attack and defense can be differently applied depending on the character’s stats.

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement

Mu Ex700 UI Improvement


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Mu Ex700 Plus New Items

Introduction of new 400 Level Socket Weapons

credits to webzen Mu Ex700 Plus New Items

– These new socket weapon items can be equipped after the third class change
– These new socket weapon items cannot be obtained from hunting a monster
but can be created by combining material items.











Introduction of new 400 Level Socket Armors

These new socket armor items can be equipped after the third class change
Socket Armors can be obtained from over Level 122 monsters.
Socket Armor information









Ingredients Item Drop Information






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Mu eX700 Plus Wing

Mu eX700 Plus Wing

credits to webzen

Evil’s cursed wings

Four evil’s cursed wings were created by great wizards in Arca, the city of wizards and
it was told that those wing were made of parts from killed monsters. A wizard related
to the creation of wing said that those wing were cursed by the evil spirits of killed
monsters. The force of Kundun got to know the secret through a correspondence
in Arca and start to misuse the wings. Therefore, Wizards researched for many years
to seal the wings and finally they did. Since the wizards sealed the wings,
no one has seen them in the continent of MU…..

By words, when normal human equips the evil’s cursed wings, the human will be
influenced by evil’s power and he will be several times stronger. Meanwhile, wizards
who were controlled by evils escaped from Arca to study the evil’s cursed wing and
they eventually created materials to reinforce the wings. These materials can’t normally
be discovered in the continent of MU, but only traded between evils in secret.

Cloak of Death

Cloak of Death

Wing of Chaos

Wing of Chaos

Wing of Magic

wing of life


Cursed Wing


Cursed Wing

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Grand Master Duel Master Event

We will be postponing the event to next week Friday November 30 as we cannot proceed with the DM event with only few players. We cannot call or official hold an event and call it Duel Master, if only a few players are participating as we are aiming to declare the best of their class.If the Grand Master DM event still does not reach the minimum require number of players, we will proceed as the image shown below. For more info please visit
Grand Master Duel Master Event
Grand Master Duel Master Event

Participants and Class: Grand Master


Elimination Round

Muslim                            9-10                          iMajikero (winner)

h0moncuLi (winner)      vs                                  kimoi

*kimoi was disqualified for not having a nova skill which is required for the event

Bern                                  9-10                             Anubis (winner)

Bern (winner)                9-3                                Muslim



iMajikero                        1-2                                 h0moncuLi (winner)

*iMajikero was disqualified for using teleport skill during the match

Round 1

Bern                                 4-9                                 Anubis (winner)

Round 2

Bern                                 1-9                                 Anubis (winner)



Round 1

Anubis (winner)          10-1                            h0moncuLi

Round 2

Anubis (winner)          9-1                              h0moncuLi

Champion: Anubis

Video Captured By: Avalon (MU PH)


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)


Mu Philippines by MUE is a rebirth of a community of old Mu Online non-rebirth players. We offer a new and faster method compared to the old Mu PH module, that gives gamers a cheaper but more filled experience in the game. Our mission is to To gather all old Mu gamers that have left over the years, and as well as those who have left the game unwillingly. It is our mission to provide the perfect emulated gaming environment focusing on the Philippine community for free!

Is this a FREE to Play Server? Absolutely YES! We are a free to play private server running on Mu Online emulated software. Our game platform allows users access and the ability to achieve all gaming aspects freely.

Who manages the server and do all the updates?

Game Managed and Owned by MUE.

GM BanHammer – Head Game Master, responsible for arranging special events, ingame watcher and mediator.

GM Alex – Technical Game Master, responsible for testing new ingame features and reported bugs.

GM Eara – CS Guard Game Master, responsible for monitoring Castle Siege Event.

GM Santa – PK Game Master, hosting the the Kill The GM Event.

Note: There is a scheduled weekly server maintenance (Every Friday – 2 pm – 3 pm GMT+8) where server and security updates and module installation takes place.

Can’t connect to server after the last maintenance? Connecting and Game Start Problem.


1.) Click this LINK and download the latest MU PH manual client patch.

2.) Open your MU Folder and Extract the Client Patch file inside your MU Folder.

3.) Run MU.exe


I want to play this Game, Where should I start?

1.) Visit MuOnline PH main site and Sign Up using a valid email address. 
2.) Go to Download Section and Download the Full Client.

Agartha Server – Season 6 Episode 3

Meropis Server – MUEX700 Plus

3.) Create a Folder in your desktop and Extract/Run your FULL Client (File)


Slow Connection and Hard Downloading?

1st, you need to have this tool installed to your computer – “Internet Download Manager / IDM 6.11 Build 8″ Downlink. Password: muagartha

2nd, Run and Install IDM to your computer

3rd, Redownload Full MU Client

4th, You should now see this Download Popup that says Start Download. -Click Start Download Button

MU Online PH Download 


How to Subscribe in Gold Servers? and What are the Benefits of using Gold Servers?

MU Online PH Gold Server

Ecoins are use to purchased ingame items (seals, pets, etc.) as well as to subscribe in Gold Servers.

You can purchased Ecoins using Globe Gcash, Smart Padala, BPI, Unionbank, MLhuiller, Cebuana, LBC and Western Union, Palawan Express while inside and/or outside the country.(PH) FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE


How to Subscribe?

Login to server 9 (Market Server)
Type /getgold 15 to subscribe for 15 days
Type /getgold 30 to subscribe for 30 days

Gold Variations:
30 Days Gold Subscription for 800 eCoins
15 Days Gold Subscription for 400 eCoins

Gold Subscription Benefits:
Plus 30% of your original experience gain
Plus 1% excelent drop rate
Plus 5% rare items drop rate (Jewels,seeds…)
Plus 3% to chaos machine succes rate
Plus 5% ancient drop rate in LOT
50% discount to mu helper’s zen charge
Access to high level maps (Swamp, Raklion & Kalrutan) , currently only Swamp map is restricted to non-gold subscribers.
Access to Gold Server (Server 1), a P2P server using eCoins.
Gold Server Advantages Over F2P Servers:
Monsters HP is 10% lesser
Gamble and item with Moss Merchant in ElveLand for 3 Jewel of Bless
Free to crywolf event penalties (gemstone and experience penalty)
Drop rate +5%
Quest item drop rate +50% of F2P rate
Mastering experience will require only a monster minimum level of 75 while 95 in F2P servers
Golder Archer in Lorencia will require 4 renas while 5 in F2P servers
Shadow Phantom max level is 200 while 180 to F2P servers


How to Buy and Sell your ingame items using Ecoins?

You can buy/sell items by going to the Loren Market located exclusively in server 9 Lorencia town. It is located outside the Lorencia bar, near the Blacksmith. Click NPC Julia (coor 124, 143)

Once warped inside, you have to do the following commands in order to market using ecoins:

1. /setkey <10 digit key>
2. /confirmkey <10 digit key>
3. /authecoins <10 digit key>

A notice will prompt if you have successfully followed the instructions. Afterwards, you may vend your stuff or buy items using Ecoins.


Please check useful Command, Link, Procedure below. 

Clear PK Status

Character Transfer

Change Name Guide

Account Safety


Special Commands

/setkey 10_DIGITS_KEY – This command will set a master key to your account, once you successfully set your master key you can now be able to use /lock YOUR_10_DIGITS_KEY to lock your account and /unlock YOUR_10_DIGITS_KEY to remove the lock. Locked account will be blocked to do tasks such as delete character, trade item, sell item, move item, talk to npc, kill players and duel player. (NOTE: dropable items can still be dropped from character inventory)

/checkchar name – This command will tell you if the character is a Game Master or not and will show you also the character’s name in all capital letters, this will reveal the difference between i and I and other confusing characters that might be used in scamming.

/marry name – Command used to initiate marriage between characters in opposite sex, find Apostle Devin in Devias 2 church and invoke this command while both of you are near to the priest. Parameter name is the name of character you want to marry.

/divorce – Command to cancel your marriage, it can be used anytime.

/tracemarry – Command used to warp to the location of your husband/wife, this command follows the regular move restrictions and also disabled in castle siege.

/clearinv name – This command will delete all items in your main inventory (equipment items are not included) so use it with care because we will not compensate any items lost using this command. Parameter name is your character’s name.


 MU Online system Requirements

MU Online System Requirements

MU Online System Requirements

If you have any additional questions regarding MU Online PH – Please register to their official forum site LINK or just contact me below




IGN: CRYYU -Blog Owner



Blade Master Duel Master Event

BM Duel Master Event MU Online

These events are not to be taken lightly, duelists from all over the continent of Mu will need to gear-up and keep-up for this glorified event. Many warriors will join the battle in this quest for glory, for he who wins the first Duel Master event shall forever be remembered in the halls of Agartha. From the Forests of Lorencia, the Plains of Noria, and the Cold Mounds of Devias each city searches for its champions! Even to the far depths of the Dungeons, and to the lost cities in the Atlans whispers of the new champions who seek immortality in the battle field arise. And the question now falls, who will champion each class and finally unite the waring kingdoms of the continent. Click here for more info – LINK


Event Date: November 3
Event Time: 7:00PM
Server Number: S15
Map: Devias Right Gate



Participants and Class: Blade Master


Elimination Round

RalphCraw                                 6-10                     Twotrey (winner)

GERONIMO (winner)                      10-8                                          Mastauriux

HAnAEL                                  1-8                        Ryan (winner)

Ragnarok                                      9-10                              chino (winner)

SgtBigaon (winner)                       10-1                                                   Ibarra

kikozeta                                            1-10                      APOSTLE (winner)



GERONIMO (winner)               10-8                                     Twotrey

Ryan                                   7-10               chino (winner)

SgtBigaon (winner)                               10-9                                            APOSTLE

Twotrey (winner)                        10-8                                               APOSTLE


Semi Finals (Best of 3)


GERONIMO                                                                                              chino

10-5 GERONIMO (winner)

10-6 GERONIMO (winner)

SgtBigaon                                                                                                    Twotrey

4-3 Twotrey (winner)

10-4 SgtBigaon (winner)

8-3 SgtBigaon (winner)

Finals (Best of 3)


SgtBigaon                                                                        GERONIMO

10-6 SgtBigaon (winner)

10-5 SgtBigaon (winner)


10,000 Pesos Cash Prize
Excellent Bone Blade + Level of Choice + F.O + Skill + Luck
1/3 of total registration pool


1st Runner Up:  GERONIMO
5,000 Ecoins + 1/3 of total registration pool

2nd Runner Up and 3rd Runner Up: Twotrey
1/3 of total registration pool split between the two


Rage Fighter

Rage Fighter is newest character from mu online,can be used only in Season 6 version or higher.Home of Rage Fighter is latest map named Kalrutan. He have an innate ability to fight with fists, thanks to that ability are a new breed emerging within the continent Mu. Rage fighter force is coming from their weapons skills which will give a great attack power,transforming Rage Fighter in a great warrior.

Rage Fighter


Weapon Skills

Large Ring Blower

Large Ring Blower

Upper Beast

Upper Beast


Skills in Parchment

Chain Drive

Chain Driver. Attack the enemy with 4 to 8 consecutive attacks further reduce the speed of movement with the Ice attribute.

Dark Side

Dark Side. The Rage Fighter shadows which sends up to 4 consecutive attack the enemy causing great damage.

Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore. The Rage Fighter summon the forces of the earth and sends waves of fire which hurt everything that is in his area.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer. The Rage Fighter makes a great damage to the enemy and also increases the damage of their Skills only (PVP).

Red Armor Ignore

Red Armor Ignore. The Rage Fighter invokes the accumulated energy to ignore the defense of his enemy given the opportunity to inflict more damage.


Fitness. The Rage Fighter invokes its accumulated energy to share their energy and power with the members of his party.

Defense Success Rate Increase

Defense Success Rate Increase. The Rage Fighter invokes its accumulated energy which allows him and his party members of his defense success rate increases to fight their enemies.


Charge. This skill can be used only in Castle Siege event.


Vitality Build RF

Max Energy Elf buff is recommended.

Set: Lucky Set

Warriors Cloak+13 – +15+Luck (Non ML)
Reign Cloak+13 – +15+Luck

Strength: Weapon Requirement
Agility = 325
Vitality = All Points
Energy = Base

Very tanky + High Damage on Chain Drive. Can kill Kundun, Selupan, Erohim with EE.


Energy Build RF

Set: Rave Set or Charmers Set

Warriors Cloak+13 – +15+Luck (Non ML)
Reign Cloak+13 – +15+Luck

Strength: 500
Agility:  180
Stamin: 25
Energy: All Points

Recommended Build  for KS Spot and Hunting. Max Energy Elf is Recommended

Other build to consider

Strength: 613
Agility: 325
Stamina: 510
Energy: Remaining


Recommended Weapons

Phoenix Soul Star+13 – +15+ Luck + Pink Opt + SD bypass

Excellent Holy Storm Claw +13 – +15 + Luck + EDR +IncDmg

Excellent Holy Storm Claw +13 – +15 + Luck + EDR +Speed


Recommended Set

Lucky Set (Trite’s Storm Jahad)

For PvP wear a pair of Phoenix Soul Star+13 – +15+ Luck + Pink Opt + SD bypass

For PvM wear a pair of Excellent Holy Storm Claw +13 – +15 + Luck + EDR +Speed/Inc Dmg


Rave Set

For PvP wear a pair of Phoenix Soul Star+13 – +15+ Luck + Pink Opt + SD bypass

For PvM and/or PvP wear a pair of Excellent Holy Storm Claw +13 – +15 + Luck + EDR +Speed/Inc Dmg + Yellow Option of your Choice

No 30% Add Dmg from 2 handed weapons but you can still enjoy the other ancient set options like double damage, etc.


Excellent Items with HP + REF options

Recommended for Stamina build RF

For PvP wear a pair of Phoenix Soul Star+13 – +15+ Luck + Pink Opt + SD bypass

For PvM and/or PvP wear a pair of Excellent Holy Storm Claw +13 – +15 + Luck + EDR +Speed/Inc Dmg + Yellow Option of your Choice


Below are Ancient Set for RF

*Charmers Set is Recommended for PvM

*Vegas Set is Recommended for PvP



Dark Knight

Dark KnightDark Knight: During their golden age, the mysterious order of dark knights fought for the protection of the citizens of MU. But those times have long since passed. Due to many wars the order was torn apart. Now the dark knights have become mercenaries to promote their own gain. Some have wandered the land in order to hone their skill to perfection, while others continue to try and bring justice to a time of pain and suffering. But one thing is certain; the dark knights of MU are sights too see pitched in battle.

The Dark Knights are the embodiment of strength and power. In close combat, they can deliver deadly attacks while taking more damage that would kill any other class. Due to their excellent combat abilities and high number of hit points, Dark Knights can venture out alone without much problem. He can wear different types of armors and can use a wide variety of melee weapons from swords and axes to spears. The skills of the Dark Knight do not eat up as much mana as compared to the skills from other classes. This makes energy a low priority among Dark Knights.

Stat Calculation Formula for Dark Knights


Maximum Damage
Minimal Damage
Attack Success Rate
Defensive Power
Defense Success Rate
Skill Damage
Strength ÷ 4
Strength ÷ 8
(Level*5) + (Agility*3) ÷ 2 + Strength ÷ 4
Agility ÷ 3
Agility ÷ 3
200% + Energy ÷ 10

The Dark Knight can equip swords, axes, spears, maces and shields.


Weapon Skill


Many of the weapons you can equip in the game give you a basic weapon skill that does 200%+Energy/10 damage to the enemy.


Twisting Slash


Acquired from Orb of Twisting Slash at level 20. This skill is very useful because it has an area-of-effect damage and hits all enemies in a 2 range radius around the Dark Knight. Useful agains many opponents.


Death Sab


Acquired from Orb of Death Stab at level 160. This skill is very useful against single opponents. It does geater damage than the weapon skill but drains your stamina. In some game versions the death stab hits multiple targets in front of the dark knight.


Rageful Blow


Acquired from Orb of Rageful Blow at level 170. This skill is very useful against multiple opponents. It does geater damage than the twisting slash and has greater range but drains your stamina and has slower cast time. Effective agains many well-armored enemies around the Dark Knight.




Acquired from Orb of Impale. This skill does more damage than the weapon skill and can be cast only on mount and carrying a spear-type weapon.




Acquired from Orb of Explosion. The Dark Knight uses his weapons to strike a freezing blow to his opponent. The Explosion skill freezes and slows down the enemy making them an easy prey for you.


Raid Skill


This skill is available when using a dinorant. It does greater damage than the impale skill and can be cast with any type of weapon.


Greater Fortitude


Acquired from Orb of Greater Fortitude at level 180. This skill is a type of war cry that boosts your and your party’s maximum health. The boost is based on your Vitality and is increased by your Energy points.


One of the best skills of the Dark Knight. To be able to make a Combo you need to finish the Marlon Quest. To perform a Combo cast 3 different skills in any order from your Weapon Skill, Death Stab, Rageful Blow and Twisting Slash (example: 1. Weapon skill; 2. Twisting slash; 3. Death Stab). The Combo does greater damage than any of the skills you have and hits twice making it a deadly finisher.



Although the Dark Knight uses strength to increase damage there is another way to make him even more powerful. A lot of players forget that Energy increases skill damage. Instead of spending all your points on Strength, try to spend some of them on Energy. It will increase your skill damage with 1% for every 10 points and also will improve your Greater Fortitude ability and will increase your mana points and stamina points. Energy is a very important stat for the Dark Knight and should not be left low.


Since the Dark Knight is a melee class character it is obvious that a ranged class character will have the first hit from distance. Usualy the Fairy Elf freezes the Dark Knight with her Ice Arrow skill and finishes him off before he can reach her. A good way to protect yourself while frozen is to have an equipped shield with the Defend Skill which greatly reduces the damage you take.

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