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Grand Master Duel Master Event | MU Agartha

Grand Master Duel Master Event

We will be postponing the event to next week Friday November 30 as we cannot proceed with the DM event with only few players. We cannot call or official hold an event and call it Duel Master, if only a few players are participating as we are aiming to declare the best of their class.If the Grand Master DM event still does not reach the minimum require number of players, we will proceed as the image shown below. For more info please visit http://www.muonline.com.ph/
Grand Master Duel Master Event
Grand Master Duel Master Event

Participants and Class: Grand Master


Elimination Round

Muslim                            9-10                          iMajikero (winner)

h0moncuLi (winner)      vs                                  kimoi

*kimoi was disqualified for not having a nova skill which is required for the event

Bern                                  9-10                             Anubis (winner)

Bern (winner)                9-3                                Muslim



iMajikero                        1-2                                 h0moncuLi (winner)

*iMajikero was disqualified for using teleport skill during the match

Round 1

Bern                                 4-9                                 Anubis (winner)

Round 2

Bern                                 1-9                                 Anubis (winner)



Round 1

Anubis (winner)          10-1                            h0moncuLi

Round 2

Anubis (winner)          9-1                              h0moncuLi

Champion: Anubis

Video Captured By: Avalon (MU PH)

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