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MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide


3rd Class change requires finished Marlon quest and has 3 parts.

Step 1: Locate Priest Devin NPC in Crywolf MAP. To do this, you need to warp on Lorencia MAP and follow the arrow sign on my screenshot below. There you will see the GATE to ENTER the Valley of Loren MAP.

MU Online 3rd Quest Items


Step 2: Once on Valley of Loren: Locate and ENTER coor 160, 42. See my screenshot below.


MU Online 3rd Quest Item


Step 3: Meet NPC Priest Devin to start the quest.


MU Online 3rd Quest Item


Part 1 (Certificate of Strength)

MU Online 3rd Quest Item

Completion Requirement: Atleast Level 380 or above with 5 mil zen. You need to look for this 3 Quest items and submit to Priest Devin when completed.

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

Each of this 3 items drops from special monsters

Feather of Phoenix drops from Phoenix of Darkness which can be found in Icarus(30 235).

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide


Flame of Death Beam Knight drops from Death Beam Knight which can be found in Tarkan 2 (coord 160 225)

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

Horn of Hell Maine drops from Hell Maine which can be found in Aida 2, in 3 different spots. (110 150),(110 50) and (120 100).

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

MU Online 3rd Quest Guide

Once completed go back to Priest Devin NPC submit the 3 quest items and Proceed to:

Part 2 (Infiltration of Barracks of Ballgas)

Completion Requirement: Must be level 400 and have completed the 1st quest, and have 7mil Zen with you.

Completion Method: Enter the map Barracks of Ballgass and kill 10 each of Balram(Hero), Death Spirit(Hero) and Soram(Hero).

Completion Reward: Extra 10 Stat points to spend.

Having a party with other players is allowed and still counted.

Where to proceed? Go back to Crywolf MAP where Priest Devin is Located and follow my screenshot below to Enter Balgass Barracks

MU Online 3rd Quest Game Guide

kill 10 each of Balram(Hero), Death Spirit(Hero) and Soram(Hero) and Submit it to Priest Devin.

MU Online 3rd Quest Game Guide

Next Proceed to Part 3 (Into The Darkness)

Same Map: Balgass Barracks

dark Elf

Conditions and Rewards: Quest Starting and Ending : NPC Priest Devin, Dialogs readings.

Completion Requirement: Must be level 400 and have completed the 2nd quest, and have 10mil Zen with you.

Completion Method: Enter the Refuge of Ballgass which is located inside at the end of Barracks of Ballgass, and kill 1 Dark Elf(Hero).

Completion Reward: Extra 20 stats points to spend, 3rd Class Job Change completed.

Kill Count Gaining Method: The one user(or party) that has done the most damage to a current monster earns the kill count.

Here are all classes:

Dark Knight -> Blade Knight -> Blade Master

Dark Wizard -> Soul Master -> Grand Master

Elf -> Muse Elf -> High Elf

Magic Gladiator -> – none -> Dual Master

Dark Lord -> – none -> Lord Emperor

Rage Fighter -> Fist Master

Summoner->Bloody Summoner->Dimension Master

MU Online 3rd Quest Game Guide

  • cha
    January 21, 2013
    Reply #1

    Thank God for this website! i don’t need to bug people asking for everything…
    Kudos CRYYU!

  • admincryyu admincryyu
    January 21, 2013
    Reply #2

    Welcome ^_^

  • Carlo
    February 17, 2013
    Reply #3

    bakit po b hindi ako maka log-in sa server 20? lagi disconnect pag click ko … pa fix naman po ng problem ko..hindi kasi ako makapag quest ..salamat

    • almina
      March 23, 2013
      Reply #4

      sir pwede ba mag post naman po kayu ng guide para sa master skill tree para po sa mga noobs mas madali maintindihan =)

      • Admin-ikitot
        May 1, 2013
        Reply #5


        I must agree that Master Skill Tree’s can be quite tricky to learn at most times. I will personally make a guide about this as soon as my time allows me.

  • crystal
    April 27, 2013
    Reply #6

    san po makukuha claw of beast? tagal ko na sa spot ng mga hero wala pa ko makuha :/

    • Admin-ikitot
      May 1, 2013
      Reply #7


      Claw of Beasts can be looted from monsters in Crywolf, specifically from Werewolfs up to Solams.

  • yancyroy
    June 15, 2013
    Reply #8

    sir panu po i activate ung extended na inventory?

    • Blogger-CRYYU Blogger-CRYYU
      June 19, 2013
      Reply #9

      go to safe zone map – press X – buy inventory expansion

  • jhay
    January 7, 2014
    Reply #10

    ok lng po kng ang kaparty ko habang kinukuha ung mga quest item ay hinde ngququest?

      March 1, 2014
      Reply #11

      ou naman po mas mabilis nga yun eh

  • joe23
    March 6, 2014
    Reply #12

    sir panu po mgregister sa agartha?? anhirap po kc magregister

  • Required: Name
    April 2, 2014
    Reply #13

    pano po makapag change ng character? at wat lvl po ba para makapag palit ng character?mga snobers ang players ng mu ph pag nag tanong ka ipapahiya kpa ganun po ba sa mu ph.??

      April 4, 2014
      Reply #14

      Be specific kasi pag tatanong. Anong change character ba kase? haha Ayan may Guide naka post susundan nalang.

  • Required: Name
    April 2, 2014
    Reply #15

    at bakit po hindi ako makuha ng QUEST bat po ganun??

      April 4, 2014
      Reply #16

      Meron yan. mag tyaga tyaga lang kase =)

  • Echie
    April 5, 2014
    Reply #17

    mga ilang minutes respawn time ng hell maine? salamat.. ;)

      April 13, 2014
      Reply #18

      10 minutes

  • mark
    April 20, 2014
    Reply #19

    10 mins pa po ba bago maopen mu?

    April 20, 2014
    Reply #20

    maintenance po ba ? bakit ayaw maka konek ?

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