The Summoner is the newest character class in MU Online. It attacks by calling summoned creatures and also has several very useful magic spells. There are no special level requirements for the Summoner so you can start playing with her directly without having another character (unlike the Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord). The Summoner uses spells so you should focus mainly on her Energy.

The Summoner can equip staves (a.k.a. Sticks) and books which both increase her damage.



Electric Surge The Summoner directs her energy into a huge electric blast.
Sleep This spell puts to sleep any monster for a short time or until it is attacked
Drain Life The Summoner uses her attack power to heal herself.
Reflex Buff that reflects damage taken by the Summoner
Increase Speed Buff that increases the attack speed of the Summoner
Red Storm The Summoner creates a storm of blood and fire to damage all enemies around her.


Summon Sahamutt


Sahamutt is summoned to aid the

Summoner in the form of a giant Flaming Tiger




Summon Niel
The Summoner Summons Niel to attack

with multiple spikes from the ground




Summon Ghost Phantom


2 Ghost Phantoms are summoned

to aid the Summoner




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